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Frequently Asked Questions

Since 2017, ÇAĞRI ŞENGÜL & SERDAR YÜZER COUTURE undertakes the mission of crowning the best day of its guests with its experience, understanding of modern art and the culture it reflects.

ÇAĞRI ŞENGÜL & SERDAR YÜZER COUTURE prepares all its models separately for each bride with the Haute-Couture approach. ÇAĞRI ŞENGÜL & SERDAR YÜZER COUTURE do not carry out mass/fabrication production. ÇAĞRI ŞENGÜL & SERDAR YÜZER COUTURE makes tailor-made, measured and rehearsed sewing.

ÇAĞRI ŞENGÜL & SERDAR YÜZER Provides wholesale service all over the world.

While we attach great importance to the quality of the fabric, embroidery materials and handicrafts used, we offer different and quite various model alternatives suitable for many budgets in the CAGRI ŞENGÜL & SERDAR YÜZER COUTURE showroom. Detailed information about our models and prices can only be obtained from our branches.

The choice of wedding dress is one of the most important choices among marriage preparations. Our recommendation to our brides is to visit our branches at least 4-6 months before the ceremony date in order to determine the health of the process and rehearsal dates.

As ÇAĞRI ŞENGÜL & SERDAR YÜZER COUTURE, we have professional bridal consultants and equipment to provide the same service to our brides who come without an appointment, and we recommend the appointment system in order to provide you with a higher quality service. During your appointment, the most suitable models will be exhibited to you, first according to your preferences, then considering your body structure and the place where the ceremony will take place. With the mini rehearsals carried out, you can get the necessary information while receiving consultancy service from our professional team during your appointment. In addition, veils and hair accessories suitable for the wedding dress are offered to your liking.

There is no rental system in ÇAĞRI ŞENGÜL & SERDAR YÜZER COUTURE. Each of our wedding dresses is carefully prepared for a single bride.

Various modifications and directions on the model you have chosen are carried out by our professional team.

You can find hair accessories, veils, hand bouquet, and evening dress alternatives at CAGRI SENGUL & SERDAR YÜZER COUTURE.

Generally, the order process is completed with three proofs (measurement proof, 2nd proof, and delivery proof). In exceptional cases, additional proofs can be added.

When you come to the rehearsal, you must have chosen your underwear and shoes that you will use on the day of the ceremony and bring them with you. If you haven't made your choice yet, you can get help from CAGRI SENGUL & SERDAR YÜZER COUTURE.

Bridal gowns that have been ordered and sewn for which have been paid for are kept at CAGRI SENGUL & SERDAR YÜZER COUTURE for 6 months as of the specified delivery date. If the wedding gowns are not received after 6 months, ÇAĞRI ŞENGÜL & SERDAR YÜZER COUTURE does not have any responsibility.

As Çağrı Şengül & Serdar Yüzer, we are in favor of presenting our new models to you in our showroom every year. However, please contact us for the new season online shopping.


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